Landing page for ECCE@EIC software documentation
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This is the software documentation for EIC Comprehensive Chromodynamics Experiment (ECCE) simulation and reconstruction software framework.

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This software runs on all types of accounts for BNL SDCC/RCAF comtputing center. For off-BNL scientific computing and mobile users, a container are prepared to ensure binary consistent result. With distribution over the OpenScienceGrid CVMFS, this containerized software is supported to run in major scientific computing centers such as CERN, JLab iFarm clusters (see example), and OpenScienceGrid clusters.

Get started

Please checkout the day-1 checklist and our Mar-2021 simulation workshop. We also have slides with some information on office hours, setting up environments and different ways to interface with the ECCE builds such as from RCF or using virtual machines located here.


For tutorials, please start with the tutorial landing page


Further documentation is under construction.