Out of box on JLab iFarm: Fast Momentum Resolution Estimate during Design Stage
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This example is the same as Example 2a, but given specifically for running on JLab ifarm computer clusters.

Note the loading could be slow (few minutes) at the first execution of the day as CVMFS sync and buffer the daily builds.

Login into JLab ifarm and start Fun4All-EIC container

# on your computer
ssh login.jlab.org

# on login.jlab.org
ssh ifarm1802

# ifarm1802.jlab.org> 
module load /apps/modulefiles/singularity/3.4.0
singularity shell -B /cvmfs:/cvmfs /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/singularity/rhic_sl7_ext
export LANG=C
source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/ecce_setup.sh -n

Check out tutorials in container

# Singularity rhic_sl7_ext:~>
git clone https://github.com/ECCE-EIC/tutorials
cd tutorials/Momentum

Run the simulation in batch mode in Example 2a

root.exe -q -b Fun4All_G4_Momentum.C\(1000\)

It takes about few minutes to complete this macro, that includes 1000 electrons in the central tracker simulated in Geant4, track fitting in GenFit2 and truth association analysis.

shell commands

root.exe FastTrackingEval.root

root command

Screenshot running above command via Windows10 Linux Subsystem
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