What to check out on Day-1 with ECCE software
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Welcome to ECCE! Here is a check list to get you started on using the ECCE software.

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Using ECCE software builds

ECCE software are build daily and distributed over OpenScienceGrid via ECCE container. Using the containerized software builds ensure reproducibility and a binary consistency for studies.

Load software container

Get started wtih using the software builds. That includes three options:

  • If you use BNL RCF (for any experiment account), please jump this step as you can directly use the ECCE software
  • If you have access to a scientific computing center that supports OpenScienceGrid CVMFS, such as at Jlab or CERN, please directly load the ECCE container distributed over OpenScienceGrid CVMFS: example at JLab
  • If you plan to use on local computers, please check out options of using ECCE container.
    • For linux workstations and clusters, we suggest Optiopn-1
    • For MAC or PC, we suggest using a linux VM
    • For mobile device that may experience internet interuptions, we suggest Option-2

Source the environment

This source command setup the environmental variables that enable the use of the lastest build of the ECCE software

source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/ecce_setup.sh -n   # setup environment of newest build

Note, for csh users, please use /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/ecce_setup.csh instead

The ECCE software are pulled from GitHub daily, built and distributed over CVMFS. They are located at $OFFLINE_MAIN, which becomes available after the above source.

There are also weekly archival build of the ECCE software, which are for reproducing past studies, e.g. ana. . To use them we can source with

source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/ecce_setup.sh -n ana.2  # setup environment of ana.2 build on Apr 4 2021

You may also take advantage of the local setup script that sets up your environment with an install directory, if you will be developing analysis packages locally. To do this, create an install directory and source the setup_local script with it:

cd $HOME
mkdir ecceInstall
export MYINSTALL=$HOME/ecceInstall
source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/setup_local.sh $MYINSTALL

Get started with ECCE software

Follow a recent tutorial on simulation.

I still have questions, what shall I do?

You are all set to start using ECCE software! If you have question, please feel free to send your question or suggestions here:

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