A simple Detector with Hardcoded Geometry
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shell commands

source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/ecce_setup.sh -n
git clone git@github.com:eic/fun4all_g4exampledetector
cd fun4all_g4exampledetector/simple/source
mkdir build
cd build
../autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/myinstall
make install
source /cvmfs/eic.opensciencegrid.org/ecce/gcc-8.3/opt/fun4all/core/bin/setup_local.sh $HOME/myinstall
cd ../../macros

Note: you can use HTTPS to get the example if you don’t have an ssh key set up for github but this method will soon be deprecated.

git clone https://github.com/eic/fun4all_g4exampledetector.git

root commands to start the Geant4 QT Gui

.x Fun4All_G4_Example01.C(-1)
.L DisplayOn.C
PHG4Reco *g4 = QTGui();

Geant4 commands

/Fun4All/run 1

x-kill the Geant4 window and .q root when you get the prompt back

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